Web Statement — Browns Ferry White Indicators

August 7, 2012

Browns Ferry’s has two NRC Performance Indicators that turned “white” at the end of June.  The NRC made the second quarter Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) results publically available on Monday, Aug. 6. There are 17 NRC Performance Indicators for each reactor.

  • Unit1 High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) system Mitigating Systems Performance Index turned from green to white. HPCI is one of several redundant safety systems that help keep the plant safe. 
  • The Unit 3 performance indicator on unplanned reactor shutdowns (scrams) is turning from green to white. The number of scrams on Unit 3 exceeded the NRC’s threshold of greater than three scrams in a 12-month period. 

We’ve conducted root causes to understand the problems and added them to the improvement plans in our corrective action program. These white performance indicators will require supplemental inspections per NRC Inspection Procedure 95001 in addition to the planned inspection related to the station’s red finding.

With a focus on improving performance at Browns Ferry, these inspections provide additional insight and opportunities to learn as we maintain safe and reliable operations.