Operators return Monticello plant to full power; Prairie Island Unit 1 is back on line

Operators returned Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant to full power Monday, following last week’s shut down.

Meanwhile, Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant Unit 1 is back on line and continues to move toward full power, following an unrelated shut down last week.

The 600-megawatt Monticello plant was returned to full power at 10:45 a.m. Monday, after workers repaired a gasket on a pipe flange. At Prairie Island, operators placed the 550-megawatt Unit 1 in service Monday morning, after workers repaired minor exhaust leaks on the diesel generators.

When operators shut the units down last Tuesday, all plant safety systems functioned as designed. Neither situation posed any danger to the public or plant workers.

Prairie Island Unit 2, also a 550-megawatt unit, was not affected by the Unit 1 shut down and continued to operate at full power.