Kilgore to retire from TVA

TVA today announced that the board of directors has a process under way to recommend a new president and CEO for TVA.

The board panel is retaining an executive search firm to identify candidates to succeed Tom Kilgore, TVA’s president and CEO. Mr. Kilgore announced his intention to retire by year end at the August TVA board meeting. He will continue to serve as president and CEO until completion of the search process and a successor is hired.

Mr. Kilgore serves as the first president and CEO for the country’s largest public power utility. He joined TVA in 2005.

“I look forward to working more on my farm,” said Mr. Kilgore, who grew up in northeast Alabama. “And I am proud of TVA’s focus on low rates, clean, reliable energy and enhancing the economic growth in the Tennessee Valley.”

Bill Sansom, chairman of the TVA board, said, “All of us across the Tennessee Valley appreciate the vision and leadership that Tom has brought to TVA. Our job is to identify the next experienced leader for TVA.”