TVA proposes power project in southwest Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is proposing a new 161-kV power line and substation between the cities of Selmer and Adamsville in southwest Tennessee. The new facilities would improve electric reliability in McNair and Hardin counties by providing an additional source of power to local substations.

“Like a lot of places in our coverage area, neighborhoods are popping up and expanding, and that places some additional demand on the existing lines,” a TVA spokesperson told TransmissionHub on July 13. “It’s one of the areas we identified as in need of some additional support.”

The 15-mile transmission line would extend from the existing Selmer substation to the proposed West Adamsville switching station. TVA is considering several alternate routes from 21 possible line segments. Some of the segments would share right of way (ROW) with existing lines, while others would be built on steel pole structures centered on a 100-foot ROW.

The government-run corporation is currently gathering public input about the project through public meetings and a comment period that ends Aug. 30.

“We want to get the word out in the local communities as much as possible that [citizens] have some input, because public input is an important part of the process,” the spokesperson said.

TVA is interested in receiving comments “on the potential of the proposed action to affect the environment or historic properties and would like to identify any other issues associated with this proposal,” according to its project web site.

After public input is received, the agency will determine the preferred route during the fall of 2012. Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2015 with a project in-service date of January 2016.

Because a variety of factors, including the length of the route chosen and the cost of obtaining necessary ROW, will have an effect on the cost, TVA has not yet estimated the project’s price tag.

The project is among nine transmission line projects listed on TVA’s web site as currently underway in Tennessee.