NARUC board adopts policies on energy reliability, efficiency, much more

PORTLAND—Energy reliability, energy efficiency, and utility workforce issues topped the agenda during the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners 2012 Summer Committee Meetings.

NARUC also passed resolutions encouraging the Department of Defense to work with State agencies in meeting their energy needs and recommending that utilities disclose consumer information in easily understandable ways.

The resolutions were passed today at the conclusion of the NARUC Board of Directors meeting here.

Below is a summary of each resolution. The complete text will be pasted on the NARUC Website soon.

Resolution Supporting Building Efficiency Incentives

The resolution recognizes the important role States play in the creation of policy incentives for advancing building efficiency upgrades in existing and new buildings as a step to achieving cost-effective energy efficiency

Resolution on Utility Programs on Customer Energy Usage Data

The resolution encourages utilities to inform their customers of the energy information that is available to them by their utility in clear and understandable language and encourages State public utility commissions to request that their utilities inform customers that energy usage program information may be made available at a central location, such as the “Utility Data Access Map” located on

Resolution Encouraging the Department of Defense to Work with State Utility Regulators and Utilities

This resolution supports the DoD’s efforts to strengthen its energy security and our national defense and encourages the DoD to coordinate with State utility regulators and utilities to ensure that the actions taken by the military to improve energy security and national defense do not increase costs to the remaining utility customers.

Resolution Urging Congressional Action to Address the Conflict Between Grid Reliability Laws and Environmental Laws and Regulations

This resolution urges Congress to enact narrow legislation that would resolve conflicts between Section 202(c) and environmental laws and regulations, and would ensure that a company/generator would not have to choose which law with which to comply during a DOE declared emergency.

Resolution Encouraging Regulatory Utility Commissions to OpenDockets to Become Informed on Utility Workforce Preparedness Strategies

This resolution encourages State public utility commissions to review and where necessary urge their regulated companies to develop strategic workforce preparedness strategies.