Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, Candu Energy sign agreement to provide PAR technology to nuclear industry

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Co. announced that its Enertech business unit and Candu Energy Inc. (Candu) have signed an agreement to jointly provide Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner (PAR) technology to the nuclear industry in the U.S. and select international markets.

Under terms of the agreement, Enertech will focus on sales and marketing of PARs offered by Candu for use inside the containment building of nuclear power plants and other facilities where hydrogen gas can collect and create an explosive atmosphere.

PARs automatically activate without the need for external power or operator action, effectively preventing hydrogen buildup. Candu offers PAR catalyst technology to the power reactor market in different sizes to allow for flexibility in application.

“This partnership with Candu enhances Enertech’s support of the nuclear industry’s response to challenges created by events at the Fukushima nuclear plant in March 2011,” said Stan Miller, General Manager of Enertech. “It demonstrates yet another example of our commitment to offer products and services that deliver real, differentiating value to the customer.”

Ala Alizadeh, Candu’s Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, pointed out that, “Passive PARs provide nuclear power plant operators with a convenient solution for mitigation of hydrogen build-up without the need for a power supply.” He added, “Our collaboration with Enertech will allow Candu to provide this technology to the U.S. light water reactor market and broaden its international application.”