Residents concerned about impending PECO project

Around 15 residents of Adwyn Lane in Villanova gathered in the neighborhood’s SEPTA parking lot Wednesday evening to discuss an impending PECO project that they are afraid will adversely affect their neighborhood.

Aldwyn Lane runs from the Rt. 320 intersection to South Ithan Ave. roughly parallel to the SEPTA route 100 tracks. SEPTA and PECO share the right-of-way.

Radnor Township fifth-ward commissioner John Nagle and township public works manager Steve Norcini listened to Randy Maud, an Aldwyn Lane resident and licensed geologist who works for the state department of environmental protection and others explain the impact that they fear PECO’s re-construction of a transmission line with up to 105-foot-high poles will have on their immediate environment. The main concern is that the poles will be moved closer to residents’ homes.

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