Power line fight not yet over

Even though the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) dismissed Strathcona County’s appeal of the Heartland Transmission Project, the municipality isn’t prepared to give up fighting.

The project would run electricity from Wabamun to the Industrial Heartland along the east side of Highway 216 in the transportation utility corridor (TUC) adjacent to Sherwood Park.

The county is keeping its eye on an Alberta Court of Appeals case that is asking for the need of the 500-kV transmission line to be argued.

“We are waiting to see how that’s going to develop,” Strathcona County Mayor Linda Osinchuk said, noting there is the potential to apply for intervener status.

When the Alberta Legislature passed Bill 50, the Electric Statutes Amendment Act, in 2009, it gave approval to four power-related projects in the province while bypassing the standard needs assessment phase.

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