Power line could be costly for Kamas

Despite months of arguing, petitioning and fundraising by Kamas residents to stop Rocky Mountain Power from building an above-ground power line along State Roads 32 and 248, construction is set to begin on the last mile of the line in two weeks.

Rocky Mountain Power held an open-house on Tuesday to show residents just how much money it would cost to bury the final section of the transmission line and remind them that if they want the line buried, they must pay for it.

Kamas resident Allison Barr, who has lived in the community for 19 years, said nothing was resolved at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We pretty much have two weeks to raise around $5 million to bury the lines,” Barr said, adding that the government agencies they have worked with have been less than supportive in helping Kamas raise property taxes to accommodate the project. “We have knocked on almost every door in the community and 90 percent of the residents said they didn’t really know about this project and would be supportive of raising taxes to bury the lines, how often does that happen?”

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