Poll says Pennsylvania residents like nuclear power

HARRISBURG, Pa., May 24, 2012 — The Pennsylvania Energy Alliance released the results of a new statewide survey that shows a strong majority of Pennsylvanians continue to support the use of nuclear energy.

The poll of 700 Pennsylvania residents found that nearly 9 of 10 respondents believe the use of nuclear power is an important part of meeting the United States’ electricity needs.

“It’s quite apparent that people recognize the benefits of nuclear power as a clean, safe and reliable source of energy,” said PA Energy Alliance Executive Director Melissa Grimm. “The state needs to have a reliable source of electricity, especially now with summer approaching and our energy demands increasing.”

Other notable results from the Susquehanna Polling & Research poll include:

– 79 percent of respondents agree that nuclear is a reliable source of energy

– 71 percent of respondents support allowing existing nuclear plants to extend their operating licenses

– 65 percent agree that nuclear power is a safe method of generating electricity

– 65 percent support the construction of new nuclear power plants in the state

“This survey clearly shows Pennsylvania’s support for nuclear power and its importance to the future energy needs of the Commonwealth,” said James Lee from Susquehanna Polling & Research. “It’s also interesting to note that for those people who told us they live in close proximity to one of the five nuclear generating facilities in Pennsylvania, 72-percent had a favorable opinion of that facility. The poll tells us that these plants are thought of as ‘good neighbors’ in their communities.”