Ontario Power Generation takes another step toward site preparation at Darlington

The Federal Government has responded to the recommendations of the Joint Review Panel and approved the Darlington New Nuclear Project Environmental Assessment (EA).

“OPG is pleased with the Federal Government’s decision,” said Albert Sweetnam, OPG’s Executive Vice President, Nuclear Projects. “We were confident in the conclusions of our extensive studies, however independent review and confirmation provides added assurance that the project will not result in any significant adverse environmental effects, given mitigation.”

OPG now awaits a decision by the Joint Review Panel, as a panel of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, on the next key milestone: the issuance of the site preparation licence.

The site preparation licence is the first of three licences required to build and operate a new nuclear facility in Canada.

In 2009, OPG submitted the Environmental Impact Statement and supporting technical documents in support of the project, along with an updated application for a “licence to prepare site.” A federally appointed Joint Review Panel undertook an extensive review involving federal, provincial and municipal agencies, independent technical experts, and held 17 days of public hearings before recommending to the Federal Government they accept the EA.