NRC order on TVA fire protection plan

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a Confirmatory Order to the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry nuclear power plant revising the date TVA has committed to submit a license amendment transitioning the plant’s three units to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 805.

That standard contains performance-based guidelines that meet NRC regulations for protecting important equipment and systems within nuclear power plants.

TVA had originally planned to submit its application in March of this year for the Browns Ferry plant, located near Athens, Ala. about 32 miles west of Huntsville. However, TVA has asked for the deadline to be extended to March 2013.

After reviewing the information provided by TVA, including compensatory measures, additional modifications and the submittal schedule, the NRC is granting the extension and TVA has agreed to the Confirmatory Order to illustrate its continued commitment to transition to NFPA 805.