New ISO Express reporting feature released

ISO New England recently added capabilities to ISO Express, its market and power system data site, with the creation of a reports section. The section offers quick, convenient access to current and historical data reports pertaining to the energy and ancillary services markets.

This new release helps further establish ISO Express as a one-stop-shop for seamless, automated public data in both graphical and downloadable report form.

You can access ISO Express from, under AT A GLANCE or from the pull-down menu on the bottom left of every page. ISO Express now features two tabs: “Maps and Charts” and “Reports.”

Available Data; Multi-Report Download

The following reports are available for download on ISO Express:

-Preliminary and final day-ahead and real-time locational marginal prices (LMPs)—both five-minute and hourly

-Preliminary and final day-ahead and real-time binding constraints—both five-minute and hourly

-Hourly day-ahead and real-time demand

-Real-time forecasted and scheduled interchanges

-Preliminary and final five-minute and hourly regulation clearing prices, reserve zone prices and designations, and reserve requirements

Selectable preliminary and real-time hourly LMP and demand by location (available by searching hourly historical data)

For greater convenience, users can now download multiple reports as a single ZIP file, instead of having to download individual reports—as is required of the data downloads available on the ISO’s main website. Note that data reports on the ISO’s main website will remain accessible and unchanged.

To give users the ability to analyze historical information, ISO New England retains five-minute data for six months and hourly data for seven years.

Future Additions

ISO New England is dedicated to improving the quality and availability of data for market participants and other stakeholders. Future releases will offer data and information related to offers/bids, settlement reports, outages, system operations, and auction results.

The ISO is excited to offer these web advancements to the New England region and is interested in your feedback.