Mary Jahangir: Power line project would spoil our region

American Transmission Co. may be running large high-voltage electrical transmission lines through the town of Onalaska.

The installation of the Badger Coulee line would require clear cutting of bluffs near our home in the town of Onalaska. The 150-foot tall transmission towers would be in plain sight of many other neighborhoods in Onalaska which, up until now, enjoy unobstructed views of our beautiful bluffs.

We are very familiar with the proposed corridor. It is now pristine bluff country, with many beautiful trees and home to many birds and animals. It serves as a wonderful recreational area for local residents. The beauty of the bluff country is a source of tourism for this area and a considerable source of income. We must protect out bluffs.

This is one of two proposed corridors for the transmission line. The other proposed corridor runs along Interstate 90.

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