LIPA continues work on proposed project to increase line to 138-kV

The Long Island Power Authority in New York continues working on its proposed project to increase the design capacity of the existing 69-kV Wildwood to Riverhead overhead transmission circuit to a 138-kV alternating current transmission facility.

LIPA filed its Article VII application with state regulators in March 2011.

The entire length of the LIPA right of way (ROW) and line to be upgraded is about 10.6 miles, with the width of the ROW being about 100 feet, LIPA added.

The line goes from the Wildwood substation to the Riverhead substation, a LIPA spokesperson told TransmissionHub May 23.

“To provide reliable service to our customers, LIPA needs to increase capacity to accommodate load growth and a need for additional capacity on transmission,” the spokesperson said.

The line will be upgraded by installing insulators capable of supporting 138-kV transmission, and several poles at the Wildwood substation will be added to the existing right of way, LIPA said.

Existing conductors will not be replaced and a short piece of underground 138-kV cable will be installed near the Wildwood substation to transition the overhead line into that substation.

LIPA also said no additional property rights from the general public need to be acquired.

If approved, construction on the project is expected to begin most likely in the spring 2014, the spokesperson said.

LIPA’s proposed route consists of three ROW segments:

  • The first segment (town of Riverhead/town of Southampton) is 1.8 miles.
  • The second segment (town of Riverhead) is 6 miles.
  • The third segment (town of Riverhead and town of Brookhaven) is 2.8 miles.

Two alternative routes have also been presented and while feasible from a construction standpoint, they are expected to cause more public objections from an aesthetic and safety point of view, LIPA added.

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