Indiana Gasification applauds Obama campaign’s decision to recognize clean coal as vital to domestic energy efforts, critical to energy security

Rockport, Ind., May 11, 2012 — Indiana Gasification today welcomed the decision by the Obama campaign to include clean coal as part of the president’s all-of-the above energy plan aimed at reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil.

“President Obama has set a 10-year goal to develop and deploy cost-effective clean coal technology,” the campaign website said. Clean coal was not included on the list of energy sources posted on the Obama-Biden campaign website earlier this week.

The following statement can be attributed to Bill Rosenberg, a partner in Indiana Gasification and a former Assistant Administrator for Air at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“President Obama has long supported clean coal as a critical component of any comprehensive domestic energy program. Clean coal will create jobs, reduce this nation’s carbon footprint and bolster America’s energy security,” Rosenberg said.

“Here’s the best news. Clean coal will also increase domestic oil production and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil,” Rosenberg emphasized. “The CO2 produced by the gasification process can be compressed, shipped by pipeline from facilities in the Midwest and elsewhere to the Gulf Coast, then injected into depleted oil wells for enhanced oil production,” he added. “Enhanced oil recovery from the Indiana Gasification project will produce 10 million to 20 million barrels of oil a year. Incredibly, that could be as much as one percent of annual U.S. domestic oil production,” Rosenberg said.

“At $100 per barrel of oil, the domestic oil production from the Indiana Gasification facility will reduce our imports of foreign oil, including petroleum from the Middle East and unstable nations such as Venezuela, by up to $2 billion a year,” he added.

“Clean coal is a win-win for an administration that has made substantial investment in carbon capture and utilization, including 22 projects around the country,” Rosenberg said.