FERC approves NERC’s revised standards for identifying assets

FERC has approved NERC’s critical infrastructure protection (CIP) reliability standards, according to FERC Order 761, issued on April 19.

The CIP reliability standards provide a cybersecurity framework for the identification and protection of critical cyber assets that are associated with critical assets to support the reliable operation of the bulk-power system.

The commission approved eight modified CIP reliability standards proposed and submitted by NERC in response to FERC Order 706, which required NERC to develop new CIP reliability standards and modify the risk-based methodology used to identify critical cyber assets.

The revised standards replace NERC’s former risk-based approach with 17 uniform “bright-line” criteria.

However, these CIP reliability standards are not fully in compliance with Order 706.

The commission has established a deadline of the end of 1Q13 for NERC to submit CIP reliability standards that are fully compliant with Order 706. 

NERC intends to file another set of revised criteria by 3Q12.