East Bethel approves new transmission line route

The East Bethel City Council May 16 approved a route for Great River Energy’s (GRE) 69 kilovolt (kV) transmission line.

Mayor Richard Lawrence and Councilmembers Robert DeRoche, Jr. and Heidi Moegerle approved the route. Councilmember Steve Voss declined to vote, which City Attorney Mark Vierling said counted as an abstention. Councilmember Bill Boyer was absent.

Becky Kninsley was the spokesperson for the group during public forum at the May 16 council meeting. Kninsley, who has lived along Sunset Road on the East Bethel side since 1995, said that she received 94 signatures on a petition opposing Route I-1. The petition was signed by people from different areas of the city in addition to those along Sunset Road, she said.

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