ATC’s Rockdale-West Middleton line ahead of schedule and under budget

Construction is ahead of schedule and under budget for American Transmission Company’s (ATC) 32-mi., 345-kV Rockdale-West Middleton line (Docket 137-CE-147).

In a quarterly progress report to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW), the company said the planned in-service date has been moved up to early 2013 from the original in-service date of the summer of 2013.

Four route segments were approved by the PSCW: segments A, B, H, and O. The company refers to them as segments A, B, C, and D for simplicity.

“We are working on segment C right now, which runs along the Beltline Highway in Madison,” Wis., an ATC spokesperson told TransmisisonHub on May 22. “We’ll be starting construction on segment D, which is the final construction segment, this June.”

To date, the company has spent $120m on the project, which the spokesperson said is under budget. “We will know the cost of the project and how it shook out once construction is finished,” the spokesperson said. The original budget was $219m.

Right-of-way restoration is taking place in segments A and B, and easement negotiations continue on segment D, according to the filing.

The company completed construction in the Yahara wetlands in February, and demobilization was achieved by March, the filing stated.

Construction at the Cardinal Substation was completed in April, with “major procurements executed at reduced cost due to market conditions,” according to the filing. Construction at the Rockdale substation is also complete. Construction crews are now performing restoration work at the Cardinal substation, as well as minor modifications at several remote substations.