Utility line plan draws protests

FirstEnergy Corp. will soon file a request with the state to build a 60-mile, high voltage utility line from Clark County to Delaware County.

Before the end of the month, officials will submit an application for the project to the Ohio Power Siting Board detailing the route of the proposed East Springfield-London-Tangy Electricity Transmission Line Project.

The project, which has been criticized by Delaware County residents, could force some residents to sell portions of their land.

“We have been working through the criteria evaluating every route individually,” said Mark Durbin, a spokesman for FirstEnergy. “Their concerns are a part of that equation. We will consider that just like we would consider the impact on wetlands or Indian burial grounds.”

The proposed project involves stringing a 138,000-volt power line on 80-foot steel and wooden poles from the East Springfield substation to a substation in Delaware County.

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