Novinda joins forces with PartneRep to expand its market in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas

Novinda Corp., a provider of mercury emission control solutions, announced today that it has joined forces with PartneRep, Inc. for market development and sales of its flagship product, Amended Silicates.

PartneRep, a professional manufacturers’ representative company, specializes in technology solutions for power plant utilities that improve plant performance, control emissions, and reduce maintenance costs.

The firm will help Novinda with market development, technical integration, and support of the product across their portfolio of clients in the power utility industry from the Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas markets.

“Novinda is a pioneer in developing the industry’s first non-carbon reagent for mercury emission control,” said Joe Dennington, president of PartneRep. “We are excited to help them bring the Amended Silicates product to market and facilitate the company’s expansion into new areas.”

In pursuit of a more economical, consistent, and robust performance across a variety of power plant configurations and operating conditions, Novinda pioneered the concept of a reagent for removing mercury with chemical reactions, rather than through absorption technologies.

In sustained, full-scale power plant testing, Novinda’s Amended Silicates met the mercury removal rates required by the EPA’s MATS and is the first commercially available, non-carbon mercury control product that is 100 percent compatible with fly ash use in concrete products.

Amended Silicates uses a natural mineral compound as its base component, which reduces emissions and energy consumption during the manufacture process. This unique chemical makeup not only enables the product to successfully remove mercury from coal plant emissions, but also affords the benefits of being non-flammable and non-abrasive – properties that protect the physical plant investments.

“PartneRep is a leader working with power plant utilities and delivering the technical knowledge and experience that will successfully position and integrate the product with power utility emission control strategies. Working with companies such as PartneRep enables us to effectively educate the market and provide credible economic solutions to these markets,” said Jay Crilley, vice president of sales at Novinda.

Amended Silicates contains no carbon compounds, preserving the beneficial use of fly ash in concrete products and minimizing landfill disposal. Amended Silicates is fully compatible with most sorbent injection systems and is available in commercial quantities for plant trials and long-term contract purchase.