Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant unlikely to restart before fall

(AP) — Federal regulators said Wednesday it’s unlikely the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant will restart before fall because of the extensive inspections and repairs needed.

Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Omaha Public Power District met in Blair, a few miles from the plant that’s about 20 miles north of Omaha. The meeting is part of the strict oversight regulators have imposed on Fort Calhoun because of problems at the plant.

The NRC’s Troy Pruett said he expects the agency will be conducting detailed inspections at Fort Calhoun through the summer. After that, NRC officials will review the situation before deciding whether the plant is ready to restart safely.

“I’ve got a summer’s worth of inspections to be done,” Pruett said.

OPPD Chief Nuclear Officer Dave Bannister said the utility knows there is more work to do to get Fort Calhoun ready to restart.

“We clearly understand our need to improve our performance,” Bannister said.

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