FERC supports MISO cost-allocation proposal

On April 19, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved MISO’s proposal to apply a fair and equitable cost allocation for transmission projects upon Entergy’s planned integration into MISO.

The action by FERC ensures that customers in the Entergy region will pay only for transmission projects that benefit them, and current MISO customers will continue to pay for projects that benefit their region.

“This decision by FERC puts customers in the Entergy region one step closer to realizing significant benefits from MISO membership,” said John R. Bear, President and CEO of MISO.  “We appreciate FERC’s guidance and do not anticipate any issues with meeting the compliance requirements outlined in the order.”

MISO will review the compliance requirements from FERC and discuss them with stakeholders and regulators in the coming weeks.

“Today’s ruling is another milestone towards addressing any uncertainty and doubt around Entergy’s proposal to join MISO,” continued Bear.  “Over the past several months, both MISO and Entergy have made strides to address stakeholder concerns, and today’s ruling is another step towards providing greater certainty and savings to Entergy customers.”