Duke Energy releases annual sustainability report

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) has released its 2011|2012 sustainability report, which describes how the company is well-positioned to meet today’s energy, environmental and economic challenges.

“We need to be ready to meet ever-higher environmental standards, to embrace the latest technologies, and to forge new partnerships – around the corner and around the globe,” said Jim Rogers, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, in his letter to stakeholders.

“We’ve set aggressive goals and put the plans in place to achieve them – and we’re seeing real results.”

In his letter to stakeholders, Rogers provides an update on Duke Energy’s progress in achieving its sustainability goals. Highlights include:

•Best employee safety record in company history

•Growing renewable energy portfolio

•Modernization of our generation fleet and power grid

•Continued reductions in power plant emissions

•Economic development, philanthropic and volunteer support for local communities

•Strong financial performance despite a sluggish economy.

The report provides specific details on the company’s performance in five focus areas – innovative products and services, environmental footprint, a quality workforce, strong communities, and governance and transparency – along with employees’ personal accounts of their roles in our sustainability efforts.

The online version of the report (sustainabilityreport.duke-energy.com) provides additional and expanded articles, videos and mouse-over definitions of terms.