Browns Ferry nuclear unit 3 shuts down for outage, ends 3-unit record run

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit 3 will shut down for a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage after setting a site record for continuous operation of all three reactors.

With Unit 1 operating for 114 days, Unit 2 for 302 days and Unit 3 for 188 days, the site’s new record for continuous operation of all three units (114 days) is three days longer than Browns Ferry’s previous best of 111 days set in 2011.

Browns Ferry Site Vice President Keith Polson said these kinds of records are an important indicator of the overall health of the plant and a strong measure of the quality and safety of the operation. “A nuclear plant is running optimally when all the equipment is in top performance and there is no need for unplanned maintenance and repairs,” Polson said.

Browns Ferry Unit 3 will be taken offline shortly after midnight on Saturday, April 7, to begin loading new uranium fuel into the reactor and to conduct a number of maintenance activities that can only be completed when the reactor is not operating.

“This record run is a testament to the importance of our planned refueling and maintenance outages. Doing the right work during this outage will help ensure we have another successful two-year cycle of operation on Unit 3, allowing us to continue to provide affordable, reliable power to the citizens of the Tennessee Valley,” Polson said.