Westinghouse Electric splits nuclear power plants product line into two

(RTTNews.com) – Westinghouse Electric Company announced that it is splitting its Nuclear Power Plants product line into two distinct organizations of Nuclear Power Plant Project Delivery and Nuclear Power Plant Business Development to further strengthen the company and better position it for future growth.

Jim Ferland will assume his new role as Westinghouse president and Chief Executive Officer effective April 1.

The newly-created Nuclear Power Plant Project Delivery organization, which will focus exclusively on the delivery of new plant projects to Westinghouse customers, will be led by Senior Vice President Deva Chari. In this role, Chari will be responsible for interfacing with Westinghouse customers on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that key project milestones are met safely on schedule, and in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.

Currently, Westinghouse is building four new AP1000 plants in China, with the first expected to come online in 2013. In the U.S., four plants are being built in Georgia and South Carolina, with the first unit expected to come online in 2016. These eight AP1000 plants represent the foundation for the next generation of nuclear plants employing passive safety systems that rely only on natural forces to safely shutdown and remain cool.

Sandy Rupprecht has been appointed to lead the newly formed Nuclear Power Plant Business Development organization as senior vice president. Rupprecht will be responsible for the overall development of new approaches to manage and capture new plant opportunities worldwide. most recently, Rupprecht served as vice president of Westinghouse AP1000 Delivery Systems.

Chari and Rupprecht will continue to be located at the Westinghouse Cranberry Township, Pa., USA, headquarters facility and both will report to new Westinghouse President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Ferland.