TVA Realigns Security to Enhance Protection at Non-Nuclear Assets

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Valley Authority Police & Physical Security organization is realigning its operations and structure to enhance security at TVA’s non-nuclear power facilities.

TVA is ending uniformed patrols, increasing the use of security technology, and stationing contract guards 24 hours a day at critical TVA locations.

David Jolley, vice president of TVA Police & Physical Security, said, “By focusing more of our non-nuclear security resources on our critical infrastructure, we will be in a better position to address the new and increasingly sophisticated threats facing the energy industry.”

Security technology will be increased to provide improved protection at hydro plants, substations, distribution centers and other facilities.  Contract guards are already being employed at five fossil plants and will now be used across the fleet.

“TVA officers drive as much as 300 miles in a shift and may be as much as two hours away from an area that requires their response,” Jolley said. “At campgrounds, recreation areas and other properties, TVA will continue to work with local law enforcement to provide appropriate response.

“Our realignment will better protect our employees and improve security at our power assets as TVA continues to focus on improved performance of our core business priorities,” Jolley said.

Security for TVA’s nuclear plants is not affected.