House wants study of PSNH divestiture

Is cheaper out-of-state power so plentiful and consistent that it is time for Public Service of New Hampshire to divest itself of its power plants and stick only to electricity delivery? Maybe.

That’s what the members of the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee decided last week, when they voted 12-2 to ask the state Public Utilities Commission to conduct an in-depth study that they anticipate will answer the question of divestiture once and for all.

“We debated both sides. Should everything stay the same? Should PSNH totally divest itself of its power plants? We chose somewhere in the middle,” said committee Chairman James Garrity, R-Atkinson. “We do believe that the divestiture question is not settled forever and to claim that it is and everything is working fine ignores the fact that the whole world has changed when it comes to the energy sector.”

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