ERCOT selects Brattle Group for resource adequacy study

March 2, 2012, AUSTIN – The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state grid operator and manager of the wholesale electric market, has selected the Brattle Group, Inc., to examine factors that influence investment decisions for the financing and development of projects to meet ERCOT’s resource adequacy goals, ERCOT management announced today. 

“Resource adequacy for the short-term and long-term is the most critical issue in the ERCOT region right now,” CEO Trip Doggett said.  “We expect this study to provide important information about what action is needed to make certain that sufficient electricity is available for years to come.” 

The resource adequacy incentive evaluation will consider both supply-side and demand-side resources from a wholesale and retail perspective, as well as, include suggestions for ways to enhance investments for long-term resource adequacy in ERCOT.  

“The Legislature, the Public Utility Commission and the ERCOT Board of Directors are all focused on what is needed to encourage investment in the ERCOT market,” Board Chair Craven Crowell said.  “I expect each board member will be intimately involved in this important effort to ensure Texas has a reliable power supply for the future.” 

The report is expected to be completed by June 1. 

Brattle was chosen from eight vendor proposals that ERCOT received.