Cyclone Power Technologies signs teaming agreement with Enginuity Energy

Cyclone Power Technologies, developer of the all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine, announced that it has signed a teaming agreement with Enginuity Energy LLC, an innovator and manufacturer of biomass gasifiers.

Under the agreement, the parties have joined forces to pursue government funding and commercial applications for distributed biomass-to-power systems that will utilize both companies’ patented technologies.

By combining the technologies, expertise and commercial opportunities of Cyclone and Enginuity Energy, the teaming agreement is meant to support the development and advance the commercialization of a modular 35kWe to 250kWe biomass-to-power generation system.

Enginuity Energy’s patented, scalable Ecoremedy® technology converts both high and low quality biomass (i.e., high moisture, high ash content) into thermal energy that can be used to power Cyclone Engines. The integrated system is expected to provide commercial, agricultural, industrial and governmental customers worldwide with an affordable solution for waste disposal and distributed renewable energy production.

Christopher Nelson, President of Cyclone, commented: “We’re very pleased to team with Enginuity Energy to advance the development of distributed biomass-to-power systems utilizing Cyclone Engines. Forming synergistic partnerships with companies that can provide heat or fuel solutions from waste and renewable resources is the essence of our business model, and is one of the best uses for our compact external combustion engine. For both our shareholders and future customers, this alliance with Enginuity Energy is an important step forward in the process of commercializing our technology for practical, much needed applications.”

David Mooney, President and CTO of Enginuity Energy, commented: “There is incredible demand for small-scale biomass systems that allow power to be produced on-site where the waste is created. These include farms, factories, hospitals, military bases and villages throughout the world. We are excited to be working with Cyclone because we believe they have the perfect technology for these applications. We look forward to a long and successful working relationship.”

Each of the parties to the Teaming Agreement will retain ownership of their individual patents and intellectual property. The combined generator unit may be marketed, sold and branded by either party, depending on the specific customer and application. Cyclone and Enginuity Energy hope to have a demonstration system operational by the end of the year, utilizing Cyclone’s WHE-25 and Mark V engines, which are currently in late prototype stage.