Cholla process update

Royal Mines and Minerals Corp. announced that since testing began on the Royal Mines “Cholla” process for the recovery of gold from fly ash, the company has run over 80 tons of fly ash through the Phoenix and Scottsdale plants.

The company has progressively upgraded the facilities to accommodate more throughput based upon bench and plant scale testing. The value of 40 (5 lb) samples tested in the company’s plants, from March 7th to December 29th 2011, ranged from nil to 1.483 ounces per ton and averages 0.605 ounces per ton.

“Due to inconsistencies in our latest testing we are analyzing the water used in the Cholla process for impurities and chemical make-up, with expectations to scale up the process to commercial levels as soon as feasible. While we have been engaged in this testing, we have also received the first fly ash, for testing, direct from a public utility that produces fly ash. This may provide an opportunity for a joint venture with the public utility or other producers of fly ash,” the company said in a statement.

On January 25, 2012, the company hired Alvin Snaper, P.Eng. as a consultant to observe and evaluate the “Cholla” process and offer suggestions in moving the process from the bench to the production plant.

Snaper is a professional engineer and inventor, who holds more than 600 patents. He has been awarded the “Best Patent of the Year” three times by Design News Magazine.

Snaper issued a preliminary report February 3, 2012 in which he states: “In my professional opinion, RYMM’s ‘Cholla’ process is effective in removing previously undetected gold from fly ash.”