Cap X 2020 high powered voltage line publicly discussed in Alma

People in Alma got a chance to discuss a proposed high power voltage line known as Cap X 2020.

The three commissioners that will be deciding the fate of the line were all present for the public hearing to listento the concerns of the people.

Many are worried about the new line popping up in their backyard.

“I wouldn’t want to have it on our farm. I think that’s the bottom line,” said Arcadia farm owner Wayne Flury.

“Our property is going to be worth nothing, and nobody’s going to want to buy it,” said Buffalo County land owner Rita Bechly.

Commissioners listened and took notes as locals stepped up one by one to tell the board their personal feelings about the line.

“I think all transmission cases are difficult for the commissioners because you are trying to balance a number of interests,” said Chief Legal Council, Cynthia Smith.

There are 8 possible routes for the proposed high power line. Tom Hillstrom, a manager of the Cap X 2020 project says that all of them have their flaws.

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