AEHI completes initial improvements at proposed nuclear power plant site

Alternate Energy Holdings Inc. announced that it has completed initial site improvements prior to beginning an extensive environmental study, which is expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of this year.

ENERCON Services Inc., one of the nation’s leading nuclear engineering firms, was contracted to perform the study as part of the larger Combined Operating License Application (COLA) that will be prepared and submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Some of the site improvements included the installation of a roadway culvert, a recessed entrance gate, a gravel driveway with parking pad, a construction office trailer and additional signage.

When the environmental study begins, the site will also maintain a secure storage container for geotechnical samples and a meteorological tower among other activities.

The tower will be used to track and analyze weather data. During that time ENERCON will also perform a number of core borings and other sophisticated geological studies to determine the seismic and geological stability of the site.

“Based on existing data compiled to date, the site appears to be an excellent location for a nuclear power plant, but we must perform a more detailed environmental study to ensure it is fully adequate and to complete the necessary requirements with the NRC,” said Don Gillispie.

“As we begin this process, it is comforting to know that the NRC has already seen fit to approve two new reactors in Georgia with Southern Company and likely two more will be on the near horizon in South Carolina. News of this magnitude is critical to companies like ours in moving forward,” Gillispie said.