Testimony supports Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States’ membership in MISO

Today, MISO filed testimony with the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) to support Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana’s decision to join MISO.

“Today’s testimony details how MISO membership will provide Entergy customers with improved reliability and lower costs already enjoyed by our current members and their customers,” said John R. Bear, President and CEO of MISO. “The integration of Entergy into MISO will result in planning and infrastructure upgrades that will increase reliability and efficiency in the Entergy system.”

MISO’s testimony highlights several key benefits of MISO membership.

  • MISO’s established Day 2 market creates more efficient dispatch of electricity that ultimately leads to lower costs. MISO dispatches the lowest-cost power available, which reduces costs for all market participants.
  • MISO’s larger scale. With current members serving consumers in 11 states, MISO is able to spread the administrative costs across a wider pool of members, resulting in lower administrative costs and greater overall economic benefits.
  • MISO has developed a plan that provides for the fair and equitable allocation of transmission system upgrade costs. For a five-year period, current MISO members will only pay for projects that they directly benefit from. Conversely, Entergy will only pay for projects that benefit their customers.

The LPSC retains all of its existing authority, including the establishment of retail electric rates in its jurisdiction. The LPSC is considering the request for change of control with a decision expected sometime this year.