Rep. Royce calls for alternative route for powerline going through Chino Hills

Rep. Ed Royce, R-Orange, is calling on Southern California Edison to adopt an alternative proposal rather than to attempt to string high-voltage power lines running through Chino Hills.

Last week the state Public Utilities Commission ordered SCE to stop construction on its expanded Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project power project and ordered it to present “feasibility, cost and timing” for five alternative routes in two months.

Edison is expected to “serve testimony, with supporting data” on the alternative routes or by Jan. 10, according to the PUC.

Edison is in the process of installing larger power towers along its right of way through Chino Hills to carry wind-generated electricity from Kern County into the region. The $2.1 billion Tehachapi project is part of a state mandate to generate more sustainable energy. It is slated to be completed in 2015.

The PUC’s ruling Thursday orders Edison to halt construction until the January hearing.

“I disagree with the California Public Utilities Commission in allowing the construction of 200-foot-high, 60-foot-wide monster towers so close to homes. Because of the impact on home values, this is equivalent to a government taking of private property,” Royce said in a news release.

“It is just plain common sense that these power lines should have been routed through uninhabited Chino Hills State Park, or underground. The people of Chino Hills and their neighbors in surrounding

communities need to be heard.”

Royce continued given all of these concerns, SCE should adopt an alternative proposal rather than to attempt to string these power lines.

“SCE’s current approach to the problem will invariably cause more delays than a sensible alternative which balances public safety concerns,” said Royce.

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