US EPA regulations a bit aggressive for reliability: FERC commissioner

Offering a brief preview of what he will file with a key US House of Representatives subcommittee Tuesday, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member Philip Moeller told a generator group Monday that the timing of a collection of environmental rules may be so aggressive that they could hinder power grid reliability.

Moeller said he will submit Tuesday a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power responding to questions following testimony from FERC members on whether FERC and the Environmental Protection Agency have coordinated on grid-reliability implications of a series of EPA regulations.

Those regulations include the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and other regulations that have caused some generators to say they will retire coal-fired power plants rather than spend millions of dollars to comply with the rules.

“I think the pace EPA is going at is too aggressive,” Moeller told the North American Generator Forum meeting in Atlanta. The number of rules and the time frame to comply with them is “creating chaos” among the generator community, such that reliability may be at risk in the future, he said following prepared remarks to the group.

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