Duke-American Transmission Co. proposes 7 new transmission line projects in 5 Midwestern states

Duke-American Transmission Co. seeks to build seven transmission line projects in MISO and PJM that the company says will improve reliability and market efficiency.

DATC, a joint venture between Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) and American Transmission Company formed in April, on Sept. 12 said it will propose seven distinct projects in filings with the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator and PJM Interconnection, including more than 1,300 circuit miles of 345-kV lines and 550 miles of 500-kV HVDC lines. The individual projects range from 65 miles to 696 miles and cost about $4bn. The projects would be built in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

DATC plans to file with FERC in the first or second quarter of 2012 for approval of its cost recovery mechanism, John Flynn, vice president of strategic planning and business development for American Transmission Co., told this news service.

The company will submit these projects to MISO for inclusion in the Midwest Transmission Expansion Plan “probably in the next couple of days,” while a subset of these projects will subsequently be submitted to PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, Flynn said. The projects will be constructed in phases over the next 10 years, with certain projects serving as prerequisites for others, DATC said.

“We think these projects are complementary with other projects in the MISO plan and we hope MISO will see that as well and address them fairly quickly,” Flynn said. The interphases in PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan are a little less limited, he added. “Very few of these projects are in PJM…but we believe they’re very consistent with the thrust of the plan in PJM. When we submit the project components in PJM remains to be seen, maybe later 2011 or early 2012.”

There are different categories of projects in the Midwest Transmission Expansion Plan, he said, noting that the company will likely put two or three projects into the plan’s Appendix A. The appendices are driven more by chronology. Projects in Appendix A will be reviewed and approved in 2012, with the remainder of the projects going into Appendix C, he said, adding that the review and approval process for those are further down the road.

The planning behind these projects looked at the portfolio of benefits, Flynn said, noting that the projects improve reliability and market efficiency and move renewable sources to load centers.

The company said it would meet with local utilities, regulators, public officials and agencies in the five states, as well as with federal and regional energy regulators.

“I think we’re going to see the same kinds of issues any time a company builds transmission projects with folks concerned about local” matters, Flynn said. “Our willingness to work with stakeholders and be flexible with routes, and again how compelling these projects are to the region, [will prove them] successful at the end of the day.”

Project No.

Est. Cost



Project 1


345-kv – 92 miles

West of Indianapolis

230-kV – 15 miles

Project 2


2 HVDC terminals

Central Illinois to western Indiana

500-kV HVDC – 117 miles

345-kV double circuit – 42 miles

Project 3


345-kV – 57 miles

Northeastern Illinois to northwest Indiana

1 substation

345-kV double circuit – 9 miles

Project 4


161-kV – 15 miles

Northwestern Iowa to central Illinois

345-kV – 99 miles

345-kV double circuit –     147 miles

500-kV HVDC – 435 miles

5 substations

1 HVDC terminal

Project 5

$472m – $766m (depending on endpoints)

345-kV double circuit – 145 to 280 miles (depending on endpoints)

East of Indianapolis to central Ohio

345-kV – 36 miles

765/345-kV transfomer

Project 6


345-kV – 94 miles

South central Wisconsin to central Illinois

345-kV double circuit –     124 miles

Project 7


345-kV – 65 miles

Wisconsin/Illinois border

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